Cuyi Plate Press Machine


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Spec:100 mm, 120 mm, 155 mm.
Power:350 W
Weight: 12.5 KG

  • Digital control by the SCM program ensures temperature will be monitored digitally with high precision and sensitivity.
  • LCD displays show the temperature value and time.
  • Easy parameter setting.
  • Integrated electric control system for simply adjusting and maintenance.
  • Dual electric system protection provides safety operation.
  • Use a digital microprocessor control programme, parameter memory, exact precision, touch control panel, only one in home market.
  • CE certificate approved, safe and reliable Choose the right machine according to the shape of goods.
  • Plate Heat Press Machine: Many varied plates.
  • The electronic equipment controls the time, denote the single when finish. Use the machine to sublimate the ink into the good with 180~220 degrees centigrade about 5-10 min.
Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 53 × 24 × 45 cm


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